Physical dispatching


Physical dispatching

Physical dispatching

The heart of our transmission infrastructure 

Dispatching is the service that coordinates in real time the movement of gas from its injection to the withdrawal points in our network. The objective is to monitor the physical balance of the transmission network, ensuring that the gas reaches the delivery points at the agreed times and in the agreed quantities, maintaining the highest standards of efficiency and safety.

Our main operations centre in Chieti, strategically located with respect to the plants, coordinates operations, while in Frosinone there is a redundancy of the control room that guarantees complete monitoring of the infrastructure.

How does it work?

An advanced technological architecture

Data acquisition, supervision and control system (SCADA OASyS)

To monitor in real time volumes, pressures and temperatures and gas quality of entry and exit points of the pipeline.

Telecommunications system over IP protocol

This uses the latest technologies for a fast and secure transfer of information.

Telemetry system

This allows to remotely read the key parameters and activate automatic calls in case of significant deviations, ensuring constant control.

Remote management and remote alarm system

Thanks to operational centres distributed along the pipelines interconnected by telephone lines and specialised computers, it monitors and records the parameters indicative of the system status. Thus, it is able to promptly manage alarm situations, providing the maximum operational safety.

Metering management and archiving system (MA)

Equipped with a complete database of meterings detected in the field, it calculates the Sm³, verifies the remote data, archives the metering and gas quality data and stores the relevant parameters for metring validation. It also manages the topology of the transmission system and calculates the physical balance of the network of gas pipelines and sections of it.

Fluid dynamics simulation model

A fundamental tool that evaluates transmission capacities, identifies minimum operating conditions, analyses different operating conditions and assesses any new infrastructure developments such as new connections or variants or network extensions.

1,800 km of natural gas transmission network

Mainly integrated with Snam Rete Gas’s national system, our main infrastructure runs from Central to Southern Italy.