Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

This website is owned by SGI S.p.A., with registered office in Via della Moscova 3, 20121 Milan.

1. Identification of Information

Information is identified as: information, data, texts, and illustrations currently available on this website.

2. Access to Services and Cookies

To view the aforementioned information, the user is not required to register on the website or provide any personal data. This website does not use profiling cookies nor allows the sending of “third-party” cookies. For more information about the cookies used on this website and options for the user (installation/uninstallation of cookies), please read the following document: privacy_policy_and_cookie_treatment_sgi.pdf.

3. Changes to the General Conditions and Disclaimer

The information contained on the website is regularly checked and updated with appropriate diligence, and SGI S.p.A. makes every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of the information. However, the information may be subject to changes after its publication on the website, and new facts not detected in the published information may also emerge. While intending to enable accurate and comprehensive understanding through website visits, the information on the website is for general information only; therefore, SGI S.p.A. does not commit to updating times, possible omissions, or errors and does not provide any guarantee for the use the user intends to make of the news and information on the website. SGI S.p.A. reserves the right to correct, update, supplement, and modify the information at any time and without prior notice. Acts or facts carried out based on, or in relation to the information, only bind their authors. SGI S.p.A. declines all responsibility for any damage and/or prejudice (particularly of a financial or commercial nature) caused by consulting this website and/or using the information.

4. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights in Relation to the Website and Information

The user expressly acknowledges that all intellectual property rights, including, purely by way of example and not exhaustively, know-how, source code, software, hardware, application projects, patents, trade secrets, formulas, algorithms, models, databases, and the like, distinctive signs, copyrights, and related rights, relating to the website and information under these General Conditions remain the exclusive property of SGI S.p.A., and no right except for personal use in accordance with these General Conditions is granted to the user in relation to the above. The information is therefore the property of SGI S.p.A., and their reproduction, electronic storage and adaptation, in whole or in part and by any means, are not allowed. Information, trademarks, and other content of the SGI S.p.A. website cannot be modified, copied, reproduced, sold, used, integrated, or otherwise used without the prior written consent of SGI S.p.A.

5. Viruses

While SGI S.p.A. makes every effort to keep the website free of viruses, it cannot guarantee that it is immune. For their protection, users should take necessary measures to ensure appropriate security measures and use antivirus software before downloading any information. Users should reasonably activate adequate security measures and use antivirus software to ensure that no viruses are uploaded to the website.

6. Hyperlinks

SGI S.p.A. also assumes no responsibility (and therefore provides no express or implied warranty) for the accuracy of the content of websites accessible through hyperlinks on pages of this website.