Ten-Year Network Development Plan


Ten-Year Network Development Plan

Ten-Year Network Development Plan

Our network development plan 2023/2032

Consistent with the energy policy objectives outlined in the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC), we present our Ten-Year Network Development Plan. With a strategy focused on innovation, we are strongly committed to decarbonisation, anticipating future energy challenges and actively contributing to environmental sustainability. 

610 M€


Development & Innovation


180 Km

of network extension


of business processes

What are our goals?

Security and flexibility

We aim to increase security of supply and reliability of supplies in the domestic market by increasing peak capacity and developing reverse flow capacity. In this sense, remarkable results have been achieved thanks to the completion of the projects started at the beginning of the decade and those currently underway. 

+ 38 %

total transport capacity of the SGI system

5 Mil Sm3

total incremental transport capacity of which 4.8 mil Sm3 dedicated to “reverse flow” on the Adriatic line


We contribute to the reduction of carbon by acting on several fronts:

Promoting a progressive decarbonisation of the transported gas and fostering the blending on renewable gases into the network, in the first instance the biomethane. 

Experiencing processes of converting energy from RES into gas, such as power-to-gas.

Promoting the growth of gas use in the transport market (methane for cars and LNG), which contributes to national decarbonisation targets. This is a particularly relevant objective in the context of the methanisation of Sardinia, as this initiative will enable the replacement of the most polluting fossil fuels currently in use with methane gas. 

Reducing natural gas emissions on a systematic basis, with detection of gas leaks and immediate interventions. 

Research, innovation and competitiveness

We periodically invest in concrete initiatives that demonstrate on a large scale how the gas network has the potential to be a decarbonisation enabler in the hard-to-abate sectors.

Digital transformation

An ad hoc strategic plan guides us on an intense path of renewal of digital operations. Every business process – from core business to staff and support activities – is subject to a transformation towards the highest digital standards, with the aim of optimising operations through the introduction of advanced technologies.

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