Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

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We pursue Climate Neutrality by ensuring the highest levels of safety in the energy sector.

We do this through a constant commitment to innovation, technology, and digitalization. By enhancing networks to support new energy vectors and promoting efficiency, we strive to be leaders of change. Collaboration with our stakeholders, both internal and external, is the core our strategy because we believe that together we can make a difference.


We aspire to be the co-protagonists of an energy change

We contribute to strengthening Italy’s energy future by supporting security of supply and accelerating the transition to decarbonization.

The three pillars of our strategy

A long-term plan guiding us towards the objective of improving the resilience of the Italian energy ecosystem and supporting the transition through infrastructure strengthening.

Managing the core business and reducing operational risks

We emphasize supply security as a guide for infrastructure investments, accelerating them, and improving the operational performance of assets to ensure quality, reliability, and service safety.

Preparing for market evolution

We diversify investments to ensure asset growth and develop continuously updated skills that facilitate the acceleration of the energy transition.

Developing key enabling factors

We work to make achieving ESG goals and digital transformation the main drivers of steady growth.

A digital revolution

The plan involves intensive digital transformation activity that encompasses all company processes, from core business to staff and support activities. SGI’s digital transformation will unfold in two phases: the first focused on digitizing and optimizing operational processes, and the second aimed at introducing advanced technologies.


Digitize key Project Lifecycle and Asset Management processes

Develop a state-of-the-art telecommunications network

Speed up application evolution with SaaS

Renew technological infrastructure

Use innovative technologies such as AR, VR, and AI

Implement the most advanced cybersecurity standards

A consolidated strategy based on constant innovation

We dedicate ourselves to investments and tests that not only drive us into the future but also deeply integrate into our corporate culture. It is a fundamental commitment that makes us agile and ready to respond promptly to the needs and challenges of the market.