About us


About us

About us

Committed to our mission

Our responsibility is great, but our determination is even greater. Every day, with dedication, we ensure that our energy infrastructures are safe, efficient and innovative. 

We have a goal that goes beyond the transport of natural gas: we want to contribute to a more sustainable future, respecting the environment and the communities in which we operate. Each of our actions aims to keep the promise of delivering a healthier environment to future generations, fuelling daily life with reliable energy solutions. 

Our mission is based on four pillars: 

To achieve net zero and the highest safety standards.

To stimulate collaborations with the outside world, with a flexible, rapid approach and with strong ties to our territory.

To always aim for excellence in innovation, technological choices and digitalisation, in order to increase efficiency and allow the transport of new decarbonised energy carriers.

To cultivate the talent of our employees and promote a stimulating and inclusive work environment.

Guided by deep values

At SGI, we are what we believe in

Collaboration and transparency

We support collaboration and transparency, promoting teamwork, enhancing the talent and skills of each individual. We operate with transparency both internally and externally, proactively stimulating new partnerships and giving value to feedback in all organisational directions.

Trust and respect

We invest in trust and respect, recognising the value of people and paying great attention to their wellbeing. We promote assertive communication to allow everyone to freely express their ideas, appreciating diversity in all its forms and promoting respect for others both in content and behaviour.

Innovation and continuous improvement

We eagerly embrace new challenges and opportunities to ensure that our infrastructures are increasingly advanced, digital and safe. We share both successes and failures in order to learn and improve collectively.


We promote responsibility both at the team level and at the individual level, acting with passion and determination and placing ethics and safety at the centre of our actions, carefully evaluating the consequences of our conduct before acting. We are strongly engaged in our work to fulfil the commitments we have made.


We support the ecological transition and energy security through our business, investing and innovating in the transition to green molecules. With a daily commitment to protecting the environment and the territories in which we operate, we contribute to carbon neutrality and the wellbeing of our employees.

A commitment that extends both inside and outside our organisation

Our story


SGM’s journey begins

The first infrastructures of SGM (Società Gasdotti del Mezzogiorno) and Edison Gas are laid for production and transport in Central Italy.


In Basilicata, gas-in of the regional network of Garaguso (MT).


In Sicily, the first gas-in of the regional network of Comiso (RG).


In Calabria and Veneto, respectively, the gas-in of the regional network of Cirò (KR) and the regional network of Collalto (TV).


SGM reaches 1,000 km of network with the construction of the Bussi-Roccasecca infrastructure and the separation from gas production sector.


SGM and Edison T&S merge to establish Società Gasdotti Italia SpA (SGI).


SGI is acquired by Eiser Infrastructure.


SGI is the first company in Italy to obtain TSO certification for the transmission of energy in the form of natural gas.


The SGI network reaches 1,500 km.

thanks to the construction of various infrastructures, including the Paliano-Busso pipeline.


The company is acquired by Macquarie and SwissLife Asset Managers.


Enura is established.

Enura is the SGI-Snam JV for the construction of the methane transport infrastructure in Sardinia.


The Canadian Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Fund acquires the majority stake in SGI.


New authorisations and new headquarters.

  • SGI obtains two strategic Single Authorisations for the construction of the Compression Station in Corridonia and the Lucera – San Paolo Pipeline.
  • The new strategic plan is approved
  • The new SGI headquarters in Rome is inaugurated

We have a solid governance structure that guides us in the name of ethics and transparency

An effective decision-making and control system that reflects and supports our commitment to integrity and responsibility. 

Certifications and awards

ISO 45001

Management systems for occupational health and safety

 ISO 14064-1

Carbon Footprint

ISO 14001:2015

Compliance with environmental management standards

PdR 125:2022

For gender equality, inclusion and equity in the company

★★★★ 4 stars GRESB

Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark

Legality Rating ★★++

High level of compliance with legal regulations and ethical rules

Join us: together we can build the future of energy

We offer a stimulating and innovative environment, in which the sharing of ideals and goals is the driving force to seize the challenges of the present.